Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack II

hot pack? cold pack? knee pack.
This knee hot/cold pack was my first customer-order!  When G asked me to make it for her mother-in-law, I was so thrilled.  I’ve never thought what I made was worthy enough to be “on the market”.  A big thank you goes to G for trusting me with this project.  Since she wanted this pack mainly for the knee, I made it twice as long as the last pack.  To ensure the flex seeds don't crowd in one corner, I stitched right in the middle of the pack to have even distribution of the seeds.  The case was given two long ribbons at each end so it could be tied around the knee.
What’s the price?  It’s too good to be true.  G and I traded “services”.  I was eager to learn some Korean dishes from her, but could not pass the wonderful offer of a date night with hubby while she helps me with the kids.  What a deal!  Or should I say "what a steal"?

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