Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dollie and Me

I do not have time to shop in the mall.  Period.  When I realized JJ need a new swimming suit, I did not know where to look for one (got her last one at Costco, my one stop shop).  So, JJ and I went to the mall the other day.  It’s funny that although our local mall was quite small, JJ thought it was such a treat to shop there that she wanted to visit every department.  It only took us less than one hour to walk through it.  But by the end of the hour, my feet were hurting. 
Besides completing our mission, we had this great find.  It’s a “Dollie&Me” 3 piece set in JJ’s size.  

The set was adorable.  And the price was unbelievable.  

JJ looks cute.  JJ’s doll, Jimmy, looks even cuter.

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