Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black and Orange Fun

Remember my last year's Halloween post about lugging a big pumpkin home?  Well, it happened again this year!
JJ's class had a fun contest of guessing how many seeds are in the pumpkin.  After some seriously calculation (my hats off to the parent who actually counted every single seed), it came to 869.  JJ's prediction of 1,020 came to be the closest number and won this year's big pumpkin!  I could not believe JJ's luck.  And my poor arms started weeping silently, foreseeing their fate in a few hours, shaking from carrying this pumpkin home.   You should have seen the look of relief on other parents' faces when they found out that JJ was the winner, for it is a BIG pumpkin alright.  One of the parents teased: "I want to take a picture of you carrying that baby home this afternoon!"  
This year, I still had wimpy arms, but I did have a smart and kind friend.  Mrs. O came to the rescue and let me borrow her cart!  She saved my day!!  We came home with the pumpkin all cleaned and carved, ready for tonight.  How good is that!?  Now, I could smile.  Thank you, Mrs. O!!
top center: my hero, Mrs. O & JJ.  mid center: pumpkin from pumpkin patch; bottom left: Mrs. O's mini pumpkins with Cuties and celeries. 

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Friday, October 25, 2013

iPhone Pouch

I made an iPhone pouch the other day though I DO NOT own an iPhone.  Originally, I wanted to send it to Michelle, but then I found out that she does not have an iPhone, either.  Debating whether I should open an Esty shop just for this...humm.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starting A Collection?

Just not long ago, I was gifted with a cute mug from auntie Shu-jen.  For some reason, I thought the chick looked awfully familiar.  Then, JJ exclaimed: "Mom, I have the same chick!" and showed me her cute Piyo Piyo chick piggy bank (back of the picture) from uncle T.  They now sit together on our display shelf, keeping each other company.  Love the vibrant colors and the adorable eyes.  The thought of collecting Piyo Piyo crossed my mind for a second.  Then I quickly scratched it off my head.  I, for one, know too well the price one needs to pay for a collection--the time, the attention, the money, the space...etc.  Nah, let's just keep these two and make sure they don't multiply.
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Girl Who Likes Blue

Kayla likes the color blue.  For her bday, I wanted to make her something blue.
 Kayla Bag is based on this tutorial.  I enlarged the pattern by 2 inches on each side, added an inside pocket, and a pocket on the back of the bag.  
Blue the fish keychain was based on Faith's sketch of Kayla's betta fish, Blue.  The big eyes were where I spent the most time on.  The circle stencils were very tricky to cut since they were so itty bitty.  It took me several tries before I was able to get perfect circles.  My eyes almost fell out from the tedious work.  It's now clipped on the Kayla bag.
Have a blessed year, Kayla!  Happy birthday!
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

JJ's Loose Teeth & Teeth Pouch

Within 3 weeks, JJ lost 2 baby teeth!  Both during dinner time.  We were all thankful that JJ did not swallow them with her food.  JJ got to be on her class "tooth chart" twice!  (Her teacher, Mrs. O is so brilliant!  She knows how to put a proud smile on those young faces even when they talk funny.)
F was more excited than JJ.  "You could ask mom to make you a reindeer pouch for your loose teeth!" she said.  So mom had one more chore on her to-do-list.  Thank goodness, this one was fun.  This teeth pouch was based on  this tutorial from my little mochi.  JJ wanted the pouch to look just like her sister's but with pink ears.
Now, if I could just stop playing the tune of "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" in my head...
JJ's 1st  Loose Tooth & Permanent Tooth
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Saturday, October 5, 2013


Believe it or not, I had not seen acorns.  Not the intact ones at least.  Only what's left of a squirrel's meal; bits here and there.  So, when I saw acorn caps on the sidewalk, I was overjoyed!  And then, I saw it--an acorn with the cap on (at the moment)!  I could only imagine how many of these are hidden somewhere for the squirrels on cold winter days.  And, sorry, little critters, I am keeping this one.  
Now, what crafty things could I do with the acorn caps?  Any suggestions?

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