Monday, July 8, 2013

Tutoril: DIY Western Paper Bunting

When it comes to decorating a classroom for VBS week, I want something that will not take away my time preparing for the lessons, easy and cheap.  To add color to the room, I thought buntings might do the trick.  I've searched high and low for western themed scrapbook pages or stamps and found nothing.  What to do?  DIY.  This is super easy.  I had JJ help me with this project.  She was able to fold, draw lines, cut, stamp and staple.  If she could do this, so could you.
A: 18" x 12" Construction Paper in red, white and blue.
B: Sample tiles from Home Depot (as the stamp wood mount)
C: Small foam sheets (any color)
D: Stapler
E: Black ink pad
F: Ruler
G: Pencil
H: Yarn
(others: a pair of scissors)

 Making the stamps:
1. Draw paisley shapes, small circles and irregular blotchy cow prints on the foam using a Sharpie.
2. Cut out the shapes.  (note: cor the paisley, I cut out every ring first, then tossed the 2nd largest and the smallest pieces).  Glue the foam pieces to the back of the sample tiles.
2. Ink and stamp away!

Cutting the triangles for the bunting:
1. Fold the construction paper in half widthwise (so it becomes 18: x 6").  Fold in half lengthwise and then in third (dividing into 6 equal rectangles).  Use the pencil to draw diagonal lines in each rectangle as pictured.
2. Cut on the drawn lines.  You will end up with three different shapes.  Cut the diamond shape in the middle to make two triangles.  DO NOT toss away the small right angle triangles yet.  Save them to make a smaller size bunting!
3-4. Stamp the blue and red triangles with the paisley stamp and the white with the cow print stamp.
5. Take the small right angle triangles and draw a equilateral triangle as pictured. Cut on the line.
6.  When stamping the smaller triangles, arrange them as pictured at the bottom, so you only need to stamp once to get the image on three pieces.

1. Stack the triangles according to their colors and sizes.
2. Flip the triangle so the un-stamped side is shown.  Place a piece of yarn on the base of the triangle, leaving a 5" tail (to tie later on).  Sandwich the triangle and yarn in between the crimp area and staple away.  I stapled at three different points to insure security of the yarn.
3. There you have it.  Two different sizes of paper western buntings!

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