Monday, July 15, 2013

Western VBS 2013

my classroom (the "walk-in" church-- with help from my two girls--pictured in the middle)
More than 120 volunteers have been praying hard and working hard to serve almost 300 kids and make this week's VBS possible.  This has been a body working together with the enabling of the Holy Spirit.
God's provision is amazing!  I had gone to thrift stores just twice before VBS and each time found great bargains on western items (an American Girl horse for $4, a cowboy hat for $3, and four stuffed animals (2 horses, one cow, one snake) for $1-1.50 each.)  I got a furry blanket, yarns and foam sheets at RAFT.  With the help of miss Nicole, miss Shirley and mr. William, I got to borrow tons of western props from their last western theme VBS.  Ms. G got three tall boxes that were just the right size for our walk-in church.  Mrs. W spotted a free rocking horse on the side of the sidewalk and sent it to my classroom.  Miss T helped me create the sign for "God's Town".  JJ & F sweated and labored a whole morning in the classroom to put up the posters and create the "church".  Even Z utilized his artistic skill and drew a snake and a scorpion for the class!  So very thankful!
The first day is done.  Four more days to go.
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