Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pack II

hot pack? cold pack? knee pack.
This knee hot/cold pack was my first customer-order!  When G asked me to make it for her mother-in-law, I was so thrilled.  I’ve never thought what I made was worthy enough to be “on the market”.  A big thank you goes to G for trusting me with this project.  Since she wanted this pack mainly for the knee, I made it twice as long as the last pack.  To ensure the flex seeds don't crowd in one corner, I stitched right in the middle of the pack to have even distribution of the seeds.  The case was given two long ribbons at each end so it could be tied around the knee.
What’s the price?  It’s too good to be true.  G and I traded “services”.  I was eager to learn some Korean dishes from her, but could not pass the wonderful offer of a date night with hubby while she helps me with the kids.  What a deal!  Or should I say "what a steal"?

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Tribute

This Mother’s Day post is dedicated to the two most graceful ladies who have taught me so much in life.  I call them, mom.

 My lovely mother-in-law is one of a kind.  Being smart, classy, gracious, gentle, kind, loving and full of wisdom, she’s the best mother-in-law any woman could ask for.  She has taught me everything I need to know in the kitchen.  She’s embraced me with much love, knowing the many weaknesses I have.  She is my role model whom I love and respect.  I am blessed to have the privilege to call her mom.  I'd love to be a kind mother-in-law and a cool grandma, just like her.  
My mom.  Her life was transformed after committing herself to her Savior. Much joy, peace and praise come from the same woman who went through much brokenness after my father's death.  She is a living testimony for the Lord.  She's taught me submission to the Lord and forgiveness that just blew my mind.  Her humility has set the bar for my life.  She's my backbone as she prays for me everyday.  I pray that I'd love the Lord with the same passion and commitment she has and testify God with my life.  I'd love you forever, mom.

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Mother's Day Crafting

H asked how I’d like to spend my Mother’s Day weekend.  He had a list for me to choose from: shopping, spa, manicure,…etc.  I thought hard and knew that one thing I’d love to do was to have some time to craft.   Odd, but true.  Being a mom, I often feel that my chores are so repetitive and never-ending.  I would wash the same dishes three times during day and still see them in the sink by the end of the day.  Amazing!

I am grateful that my wish was granted this year, time to myself to carve my first stamps (out of erasers) .   It felt great to feel productive and to have the finished stamps in my hand as evidences of where my time went.  
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Dollie and Me

I do not have time to shop in the mall.  Period.  When I realized JJ need a new swimming suit, I did not know where to look for one (got her last one at Costco, my one stop shop).  So, JJ and I went to the mall the other day.  It’s funny that although our local mall was quite small, JJ thought it was such a treat to shop there that she wanted to visit every department.  It only took us less than one hour to walk through it.  But by the end of the hour, my feet were hurting. 
Besides completing our mission, we had this great find.  It’s a “Dollie&Me” 3 piece set in JJ’s size.  

The set was adorable.  And the price was unbelievable.  

JJ looks cute.  JJ’s doll, Jimmy, looks even cuter.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colonial Week Costume

Is it Colonial week already?  This is THE school event that I dread.  2 years ago, when Z had his Colonial week, I was informed the night before to fry enough Indian blue cornmeal sticks for 60 kids.  I was still in the kitchen at 11pm.  Arrr.
 This year, F was kind enough to tell me what was needed the week before and allowed me to have the full weekend sewing her colonial costume.  Seriously, I’d rather be sewing than cooking.
Luckily, I had a pattern ready.  F will be wearing a black T and my old high school black skirt (which, after so many years, was finally in the donation bag, but rescued for this project).
All I needed to do was to sew the cap, the collar and an apron.  Surprisingly, I was doing some speed sewing and finished in two nights.  
I will make sure to keep this costume so that when JJ’s colonial week comes in a few years, I will be able to relax and sip my tea.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Does Jesus Love The Little Children?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus loves the little children?  My answer is simply, they make Jesus smile.
I overheard JJ and her daddy's conversation the other night.  JJ was curious about what the difference is between CA and DC.  Daddy said, "We visited DC, but we always come home to California."  Then, JJ had her moment to share the spiritual truth she'd learned from her Bible Study class.  JJ: "My real home is not in California.  My real home is in the sky because Jesus lives there.  And I am going to live with Jesus forever."

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