Friday, April 6, 2012

Free Printable--JJ's Reading Game

  I have been encouraging JJ to read.  When reading a small booklet was no longer interesting for her, I thought of incorporating one of her favorite game, Candy Land, into the mix.  
I created a list of words with step points next to each word.  The three letter words move 1 step, digraphs move 2-3 steps, blends+digraphs move 4 steps...etc.  Download and print the words here.
After printing out the sheets of words, I asked JJ to cut along the lines.  A perfect chance to practice her motor skills.  She put the word slips into a snack size ziplock bag, ready to use in a game.
 Using the concept of Candy Land, instead of flipping the colored cards, we used these word slips.  If she could read each one correctly, she gets to move forward however many steps as the step points indicated.  Being her competitor, I gave her all the challenging words (that are worth 2 points and more) to read while I stick with the one point words.  The rule is to have her sound out the word by herself to get points.  Whenever she needs my help, she'd get only 1 point.  
After playing it once, I quickly realized that I underestimated her ability.  She was able to read all words without my help and beat me at the game.  At the end, she loved the game so much that she thought reading was fun.
You could print out these word slips  here.

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  1. wow, thanks for sharing such a great game!!!



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