Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tutorial: Make Up Brush Roll Up for Mom

Before visiting mom back home, I remembered how she enjoys playing with her "art set" (or what others call "the make up brush set"), I decided to make her a make up brush roll up. Unfortunately, I took pictures of this roll up with two different cameras. Only uploaded the first 3 steps and could not find the rest...sigh. Will edit the post later.

Pocket piece:  (you need one).  I lay out the brushes to determine how big the pocket piece should be.  Make sure the pockets will be roomy and wide enough.  Make sure to add 1/4" on each side for seam allowance.  The height of the fabric is as tall as the handle plus 1", double that height.  Fold the piece in half and stitch the top. (Or you don't have to double the height but iron a piece of interfacing on the back instead. Then, hem the top.)   Use your chalk to mark how much room you'd like the pockets to have.  (For my small brushes, I have 1" for each of the pockets.  Again, for the two end pockets, be sure to add 1/4" for seam.)  
Body piece:  You need two.  Cut fabric that is as wide as the pocket piece and as tall as your brushes plus 2" or more.  Iron interfacing on the back.
 Lay the pocket piece on top of one of the main piece. Pin in place.

Now if you are as lazy as I am, sew your pockets from left to right following the direction above.
Or you could stitch each pocket one by one.
Note that some artsy folks would ask you to use matching thread for your projects, but I didn't. 
Relax, people, it's OK to use whatever color thread you have in hand.  REALLY.
You'll need something to tie your roll up with.  I used a purchased 1/2' double folded bias tape.  
You could use a piece of ribbon instead.  No biggie. 
(optional) Machine stitched decorative stitches on the bias tape.
My bias tape measured 30".  Fold the bias tape in half and pin it at the middle of one side.
With right sides facing, pin your other body piece (with interfacing already ironed on the back) to this body piece.  You will sandwich the bias tape in the middle.  Pin.  Stitch all around leaving 3" or so opening (either at the bottom or on top.)  Be sure not to catch the bias tape.  It's also a good idea to stitch over where you pin the bias tape a few times for reinforcement.  Clip all corners to create defined points when the roll up is turned.  I used pinking shears and trimmed all around.
Turn your roll up right side out.  
I used a ball point pen that ran out of ink to push the fabric out at the corners.
Top stitch or blind stitch the opening.  Done.
Zipper bag.
Make up brush roll up, Zipper bag and Tissue holder.

Writing this tutorial is painful since I've lost the drive in the process of looking for those lost photos over a span of a year plus, and I could not recall all the details that I originally intended to include.  But I knew I had to somehow whip it up so it would stop bothering me.  So, there.

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