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Hi, there.  Welcome to TingTingMamMa.  
I am TingTing, aka debbie.  I am a Jesus loving gal, a wife, a craft-nut and a mom of 1 boy, 2 girls, 1 dog and a cat. 
TingTing was originally my father's nickname.  Later on, my siblings and I "inherited" that name as our generation name, kind of like a middle name. My father passed away when I was 7.  Having his name in my blog is my way of thanking him for making me who I am today. 
My crafting nature is hereditary.  Dad who had incredible penmanship was a designer of a car company.  Mom studied art and tailoring and later opened her own tailoring school in the 1960s.  
It's always my regret that growing up watching my mom teaching women tailoring and yet never had the chance to be in her class to learn the skills. Having the crafting blood in me makes creating things with my own hands a passion.

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