Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fluffy Creature Scarves

Last Christmas, I wanted to make my good daughter and her sister scarves that they could not find anywhere else. At first, I knitted simple scarves with white glitter yarn and (pink/baby blue) lashy yarns held together. But they were missing something. Since I am really into fluffy animals, I thought it would be fun to make ears, eyes and a little tail for the scarves. These are the end result. =)

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Amanda's Bag

This is based on the same pattern as Rosa's bag,
except the teen flare with the denim exterior and the cherry interior fabrics
To personalize it, there's an "A" for her name on the right hand corner.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My In-Laws, Gifts From Above

I have the BEST in laws in the world!!
Seriously, whenever I think about them, I can only be thankful.

My sister-in-law (and brother-in-law) and niece would buy pretty, and cute things for me just because. And they are just sweet hearts. I thank them for their acceptance ever since we first met.

My father-in-law spoils me. He would give me allowance and encourage me to go shopping whenever I visit him. He even buys dresses for me! (I know this one is hard to beat.) ;) For me who lost my dad very early in life, he's filled my life with fatherly love.

My mother-in-law is a super lady. Did I mention that she is on Facebook? She taught me how to cook, remembers my birthday EVERY YEAR, writes me cards and ALWAY shows grace to me even when I do not deserve it. God has been so gracious to me that He blesses me with those wonderful in-laws.
Praise, and praise to upon Him.

Prior to visiting SG, I had about two wks to work on my mother-in-laws birthday gift.
Because of what she means to me, creating this gift set was very sentimental.
As I made each item, I thought of her, and was full of thanksgiving.
I hope as she uses each of them, she'd feel appreciated and loved.

cell phone cozy

tissue holder (left) and cell phone cozy (right)

purse that took me more than three days to finish
(due to shortage of coordinating fabrics, I had to improvise)

top view

the set
(purse, cell phone cozy, coin purse in the middle, & tissue holder)
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For Rosa With Love

Saying good bye has never been easy for me.
My good friend, Rosa was moving back to the east coast.
Knowing that I would not be able to see her for a long while,
I made her the check book purse with a matching tissue holder (not shown),
and the cell phone cozy as my good bye gifts.
Rosa, I will miss you!!
(front view) check book purse made with my favorite print! 
(back view--ummm, although it's almost like the front view...) 
lining, pocket and magnetic closure
cell phone cozy that she would wear on her neck
love the fun, fuzzy hot pink exterior fabric.
top view...
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Tutorial: Make Up Brush Roll Up for Mom

Before visiting mom back home, I remembered how she enjoys playing with her "art set" (or what others call "the make up brush set"), I decided to make her a make up brush roll up. Unfortunately, I took pictures of this roll up with two different cameras. Only uploaded the first 3 steps and could not find the rest...sigh. Will edit the post later.

Pocket piece:  (you need one).  I lay out the brushes to determine how big the pocket piece should be.  Make sure the pockets will be roomy and wide enough.  Make sure to add 1/4" on each side for seam allowance.  The height of the fabric is as tall as the handle plus 1", double that height.  Fold the piece in half and stitch the top. (Or you don't have to double the height but iron a piece of interfacing on the back instead. Then, hem the top.)   Use your chalk to mark how much room you'd like the pockets to have.  (For my small brushes, I have 1" for each of the pockets.  Again, for the two end pockets, be sure to add 1/4" for seam.)  
Body piece:  You need two.  Cut fabric that is as wide as the pocket piece and as tall as your brushes plus 2" or more.  Iron interfacing on the back.
 Lay the pocket piece on top of one of the main piece. Pin in place.

Now if you are as lazy as I am, sew your pockets from left to right following the direction above.
Or you could stitch each pocket one by one.
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Thank You Gifts

Calum's mom inspired and got Faith into knitting this May (although she did not understand why I could not have taught her's hard to inspire your own child I guess...). By the end of the year, Faith gave a book report on knitting a bookmark and received very high marks. So, as a thank you, I made the cell phone cozy (left) and a tissue holder (right) for Calum's mom. But guess what, Calum's grandmom saw them and "coveted" them... Should I make another set for her? That's the question of the day. ;)

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