Monday, May 25, 2009

How Did A Dress End Up Being A Skirt?

I made a skirt for my 2nd one...
Well, originally it was not supposed to be a skirt.

As I was almost done assembling the DRESS--see the pattern in the pix? (my last thing to do was to put the bodice and the skirt together), my 2nd one walked in and commented "I'd love to wear this SKIRT with my Ts." and asked me to perform a miracle. I am not my mom who is SUPER at improvising when it comes to sewing. But I gave it a go anyway. So, here's her skirt. I still need to figure out what to do with the bodice...boy, yet another challenge to, HELP!!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Easter Smock

Smock Pattern here.
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The ascot pattern can be found here.  I used size 6 needles and #3 sports weight yarn to make the bow-knot scarf pettit.

This ascot is for my huggy friend, Rosa, who is moving to Georgia in July.  Since I won't be able to hug her when she's away, this ascot will hug her for me.  I will miss you, Rosa!  
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crayons, Crayons, Roll, Roll, Roll

Crayon roll pattern found here.

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Shoulder bag II

This is much needed as joyjoy no longer is content with being in a stroller and wants to explore the world.  And trust me, no woman looks good with her pants stuffed with a builkly wallet and house keys dangling from her pocket...enough said?

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Shoulder Bag

I made this a few months ago when I found this shoulder bag tutorial @ tiny happy that was super easy to follow.  It was fun making this bag.  Only wished I added a few inches to the strap so I could wear it across my chest.
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Tutorial: Pencil Rolls

The pencil rolls I made were based on this crayon roll tutorial.  Except these changes:
  • The exterior fabric and the interior fabric to 8" x 13 1/2"
  • The pocket piece to 6" x 13 1/2" (fold 1 1/2" dowon and double stitch to form a 4 1/2" tall pocket) 
  • 16" for ribbon. 
For the shark version of the pencil roll, I attached a cord stopper.  (My boy is too lazy to tie his shoe laces...)  
These are super easy to make and great gifts for my little friends.  So go whip up some and make someone smile. =)

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Halloween fun

F borrowed a kids' cook book home and was inspired to make some snacks. Since Halloween class party was just around the corner, we decided to make the "spooky mouth" with apple slices and marsh mellows. Looks pretty nasty, wouldn't you say? Got lots of "Eeewww" from the kids. hahaha. Mission accomplished.

Ice Cream Carton covered with construction papper--a pumpkin candy box ready to be opened by the little neighborhood trick-or-treaters. =)

"Spiders and Mold Covered Mac And Cheese" for a 2nd grade class party. A big hit.

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Creation Comes Alive

Three nights work to transform drawing into a wearable art piece.  Totally worth it! Follow TingTingMamMa

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stroller attachment

Call me the delievering lady.  Since my boy chose an instrument that's too bulky and heavy to carry to school by himself, mummy takes over.  I needed something to hold the trumpet that's too big to fit in the basket of the baby stroller.  The stroller has a bar handle.  So I dug out my scraps of fabric (mostly from pants that are too long for a shorty like me) and straight stiched velcros on them.  There you have it, easy to make, 5 minute stroller attachments

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Pink Heart Sundress

This one is made from a bargain 1 yard quilt fabric.  Very cute. Follow TingTingMamMa

Doggy Sundress

I can't resist sewing little sundresses for my youngest one.  I mean, it requires so little material and is a quick sew.  Best of all, I could MAKE HER WEAR IT. =) Follow TingTingMamMa

1st time bridesmaid

I have a growing respect for all the bridesmaids after being one of them standing in high heels, smiling until my face twitched, and giving a toast speech at the banquet.  I told my girlfriend that I would rather be a wedding coordinator (even though I knew I was not organized enough to be one) than to be a bridesmaid EVER again.  Could not believe that my girlfriend would ask me, a mother of three to be her wedding party.  LOVED the hair stylist!  My hair was short in March (it was barely touching my shoulders) and would be IMPOSSIBLE to put in a bun.  But Anita was amazing!  She braided my hair from the neck up!  Brilliant!!
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I had never seen so many butterflies in our garden!  I suppose there were thousands of them migrating on that one March Saturday.  What a scene!  Reminded me of the Hitch Cock movie "The Birds" though...arrr.  Did not get a good picture of this butterfly's cousins and friends flying by, but managed to capture this little guy resting on the daffodil. Follow TingTingMamMa

Friday, May 8, 2009

It Does Not Have To Be A Costume

I remember how much I loved wearing skirts made by mom as a little girl.  Good thing I have one of those girly girl who would wear what I make. =)  This skirt would look much better with a petticoat.  Hope the lacy trim would make up for it.

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I Am From the Same Movie My Brother's In

I went nuts over the Star War theme (see Z in his Jedi costume) and made this Princess Leia outfit for my youngest one.  To make her look believable, I crocheted 2 hair covers to make the signature Princess Leia hair buns.  Don't know what you think, but she's the most adorable princess Leia I've seen.  Love you, Joyjoy!

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No more sewing pins!

I've been sewing lots of crayon rolls and tissue holders these days.  For those tiny jobs, it's a pain to use pins.  So, I found this alternate tool (clips your office documents together) at Daiso the other day and gave it a go.  The verdict?  It works great with light weight fabrics!  Not going to poke myself with those pins again...well, at least not when I sew these little goodies. Follow TingTingMamMa

Matching Tissue Holder for Ms. K

It was back in Feb. that my 2nd one asked me to make something for her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. K.  After making the bag with the teacher's initials, I thought a matching tissue holder would make the gift complete.    I added rhinestones to make it look more interesting.  Glad to know that the teacher loved it. =) Follow TingTingMamMa

Valentine's Bag for Ms. K

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