Friday, May 8, 2009

Matching Tissue Holder for Ms. K

It was back in Feb. that my 2nd one asked me to make something for her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. K.  After making the bag with the teacher's initials, I thought a matching tissue holder would make the gift complete.    I added rhinestones to make it look more interesting.  Glad to know that the teacher loved it. =) Follow TingTingMamMa


  1. Thanks, tingtingmama, for your comment on my blog about the choker pattern!

    Sorry if there is a mistake - I will check it out and send you a comment shortly.

    best wishes


  2. Yes, there was a mistake in a couple of the rows, where I hadn't adjusted properly for the picot edging. I've corrected the pattern now, so hopefully you won't have any more problems!

    Thanks for letting me know!




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