Friday, September 9, 2011

Tutorial--Thread & Ribbon Rack (Real Cheap and Easy!)

You have seen one of these thread rack in the craft store, right?  It organizes and displays all your thread spools. Pretty useful I’d say.  Though it’s affordable (around 10 dollars a piece), I was reluctant to spend money on something I could make.  I’ searched online to see if it’s cheaper and easier to build one myself.  Here are some posts I found:

These posts are inspiring.  But being sluggish, I do not feel like running to the hardware store anytime soon.  Not to mention that I don’t really drill, saw or sand (I sure am a mutant in the family…sorry, dad.)  It's my belief that only the creative ones could afford to be lazy.  This is what I came up with:
Thread/Ribbon Rack:
Cost:   Absolutely nothing!
Time:  5-10 minutes at most

  •       2 pieces of cork boards that my son no longer uses.   (can’t believe my luck!)  They are rather thin, about 1/4" to 1/2".  If yours is thicker, one piece should do.
  •         a handful of 8x2 screws (sand color, found in my husband’s tool box.  Thanks, honey.  BTW, I am not giving them back…)  *Be sure to check if the screw head is small enough for your spool to sit on before using them.
  •         a ruler
A closer look at the screws.
First, I stacked the 2 cork boards to give it depth for the screws to grab on.  Then the ruler was used to determine how far apart I want the screws.  Once that’s certain, the ruler just laid on the cork board to guide and level the screws in the same row.  
 Screwed the screws right into the cork boards by hand (slightly at an angle).   No tools required.  Make sure the screws grabs both layers of cork, yet do not puncture through the bottom layer (if the pointed ends of the screws are showing, you've gone too far).  
Could have used the double sided foam tape that came with the cork board to hang it, but I decided to nail this one to the wall.  Not going to take any chances to mount this twice.  
Like I said, cheap and easy.

I have 12 small spools of assorted color thread hanging around in the craft room crying for a home.  Since the board has extra room, I decided to use pins (that's right, just pins) for these light-weight guys.  Works like a dream.  I used a floral pin for the one odd spool on top.  The long pin works just fine.
Couldn't have been any easier.

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