Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby's Crinkle Hankie

Our friend Sue is having a baby boy.  JJ was so excited about the coming of this baby, she asked if she could make him something out of fabric.   So I gave her a piece of flannel to work with.  She came back with the flannel cut into a square, saying that it was to be the baby’s hankie.  
So, I helped just a little to finish up this baby hankie.

    1. Cut a piece of fabric the same size as the flannel as the   back of the hankie.  


    3. Sew the plastic to the back piece.  Set aside for now.
    4. Pin and baste various folded ribbons (with different textures) to the 4 sides of the flannel piece.
    5. With right side facing, sew the flannel (main) piece to the back piece.  Stitch all the way around, leaving a 2-3" opening for turning.

    6. Turn right side out.  Stitch the opening closed.

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