Friday, June 1, 2012

JJ's Paper Lantern

     JJ loves to craft.  Unfortunately, I do not always have time to sit down with her, especially in the evening when I need to prep for dinner.  This is one of the crafts JJ could manage herself.  She would spend extra time to decorate her lanterns by drawing on them or put stickers/sequins/glitters on them.  Once she made a "lantern family" with different size and different color papers.  By the time she's done, I am most likely done with my prep in the kitchen, too, and could join her lantern party. =)

    Here's how JJ does it: (follow pictures from top right)

    1.    Fold the construction paper in half lengthwise.
   2.   Cut a 1” wide strip as the handle.  Set it aside for later.
   3.   With the remaining paper, start from the fold, draw lines           1”-1½” apart, leaving 3-4” inches of space on top.
   4.   Cut those lines.
   5.    Open it up and glue the two long sides together.   
   6.   Glue the handle to the 2 sides of the top of the lantern.
   7.   Smile for the camera!

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