Monday, May 27, 2013

Tutorial: Miss W Bag

 It's that time of the year when I feel like shouting woo-hoo to the teachers for persevering through a long, yet fast-paced and fruitful school year.
Teachers have so many amazing qualities: patient (to both the students and the parents), loving, smart (let's never forget this one!), encouraging, creative, resourceful, patient (did I mention this one already?) and energetic (what time do they need to wake up so that they could greet the kids in the morning @8?).
They also possess a sense of humor (especially when the unexpected should happen in class), strong, projecting voice that should last all day, everyday, strong legs (to be able to stand all day long), strong back and knees (being able to bend down to talk to little ones without having to call an ambulance).
They are also great readers in every way (stories, books and scratchy hand writings that are just impossible to recognize) and attentive listeners (being able to listen to 5 different versions of the same situation during a playground fight IS a talent.)
So, hats off to you, teachers!
Inspired by how the teachers are carrying the students through the school year, I made this bag for Miss W.
I wanted this bag to be roomy, simple, durable and fun so I could have fun making it, too.
This is how I made it:

Body of Bag:
Cut 2 pieces of denim (19"x16"), 2 pieces of printed fabric (19"x12").  
Overlock the raw edges to prevent fraying.
Turn under 1/2" on one side of each denim piece.  Iron well then stitch.
Applique letter "W" in the center (lengthwise), a few inches below the stitched line.

With right side facing, piece in the order of "denim, printed fabric, printed fabric, denim" (with the stitched lines of denim on the far ends).  Top stitch on the right side.
Note: I only lined the printed fabric (hand stitched the lining) since denim is quite sturdy so the bag is not heavy.

Making Handles:
Cut 2 pieces of 16" long denim at 1 1/2" wide and 2 pieces of 16" printed fabric at 1 3/8" wide.
Note:The extra width of the printed fabric will wrap around to the denim side to create that faux piping look.

 Top stitch.

 The Bottom of Bag:
Almost done!
Stitch both sides of the bag with 1/2" seam allowance.  Iron the seams open.
Turn the bag right side out and iron well.  I cut a board to size to support the bottom.
The sides of bag will have two beautiful triangles (pictured in the right center).  I am fond of this "paper bag style".  I hope this bag will bring a smile on Miss W's face.
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