Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tutorial: Crepe Paper Rose Bouquet

Some good ideas started off with a bad one. 
Last year, I was in charge of creating trophies for the ministry award night.  At first, I thought I could perform some DIY magic.  So I purchased 6 foam balls, a few bottles of gold and black paints and got to work.  Well, it was an experiment gone bad.  The trophy looked ridiculously cheap homemade (see picture on the left).  In my last minute desperation, I had to call for professional help (pictures on the right). 
Though I was spared from embarrassment, I was still left with those foam balls (and paint).  Then, came my “aha” moment.  Since it’s the end of the school term, I could make something for the teachers!  

Here's how I made the crepe paper rose bouquet:
For the vessel, use a porcelain flower pot or a mug.  Be sure to try out for size ahead of time.
Note: For photo shooting purposes, I used purple crepe paper for this tutorial.
1. Cut a 30" long crepe paper.
2. Fold the crepe paper lengthwise down about 1".  As you fold,       stretch the paper gently. 
3. To begin rolling the rose, fold width wise 1/4" twice or three times.
4. Start rolling as you pinch the bottom of the rose along.
5. (top view)
6. Roll and roll and roll...until you come to the end of the paper.
7. (bottom view) don't worry about the uneven bottom.  It will be trimmed later.
8. Add a dab of hot glue to secure the paper end.
9. Trim the bottom of the rose off so it's flat.
10. Apply LOTS of hot glue at the bottom of rose.
11. Attach the rose to your foam ball.  Press firmly with your palm.
12. This is what it looks like from the side.  

I made 17 pink roses for my bouquet.  Then, I hot glued the Easter grass to fill the space right under the bottom row of roses.  Hot glued the finished foam ball to a flower pot or a mug.  
Happy crafting!

While I was busy with the paper roses, JJ came up with her own crepe paper creation as well.  =)

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