Friday, November 5, 2010

Tutorial: Magnetic Pin Bowl Tutorial

I saw this magnetic pin bowl with pins for $11.95.

4" magnetic bowl that safely holds pins, scissors, and other metal notions. Securely attaches to metal quilting frames. Comes with a box of 80 pins (size 28).

$11.95?  You've gotta be kidding.  You could purchase a box of 75 size 28 quilting pins for $2 or less.  And you could get a 4" bowl from one of those Asian supermarkets for $1 or so.  
My brain started racing.  What could I do to make one for cheap?

This is what I ended up with:
Cost: $1-2 (pins not included)
Time: 5 minutes or less
Difficulty: Super easy

Ok, let's get started

I found this in the kitchen.  Exactly 4".

Scavenged the magnet from a kitchen timer that no longer works.

Place the magnet on the bottom of the bowl to test how strong it is.

Yap, it's good enough for this project.

Depends on how much coverage you want, you might want to tape or hot glue more than one magnet (I used 3 for mine).

Find a scrap of fabric from your previous project.
Cut the scrap into a long rectangle (long enough to wrap around the bowl and 2" overlapping, tall enough to hang 2-3" and cover most of the bottom).
Hem the raw edges and hot glue it around the bowl (I started by only applying hot glue right under the rim to secure the scrap).

 Now turn the bowl upside down.  Make pleats by pulling the scrap gently, folding and pinning pleats in place (be sure the pleats spaced out evenly).
Glue each fold (pleat) down.

Cut a small rectangle scrap, hem raw edges and hot glue it to cover the bottom of the bowl.

Now you have a magnetic pin bowl on your sewing table!  

You could also use the bottom of the bowl to pick up loose pins on the table. Told you this is easy.  =)
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