Friday, July 22, 2011

Teflon Foot Alternative

 Vinyl, oilcloth, and synthetic leather.  Enough said?
I’ve tried to sew vinyl SLOWLY and pull the material to match sides using my all purpose foot.  What a disaster!  The fabrics shifted so badly that they ended up with “extras” hanging from the side of the stitches…  Since those materials do not “heal” like most fabrics (once you rip out the stitches, you’d see holes that would not disappear), I could not even use my seam ripper and sew again.  The best thing I could do was to trim off the “excess” vinyl and live with the slanted stitches.

I was told that Teflon presser foot was the ONLY answer.  Even my husband said, “Well, it's Teflon. There's no substitute for the same kind of sticking prevention.  Just buy a Teflon foot.  Wait, how much is it going to cost me?” 

Well, I'd beg to differ.
Layering a piece of stabilizer on top of vinyl worked for me.  Still pricey?  Try a piece of tissue paper instead.  They both prevent the material from sticking to the presser foot.
Another trick I've learned  is taping masking tape to the bottom of the all purpose foot.  Same principle as using the stabilizer/tissue paper.
It does not have to be neat, just needs to cover the foot.  Make sure to cut opening for the needle!  You sure don't want to have a gummy needle from sewing through the tape.
I will use these inexpensive methods until I feel compelled enough to get the Teflon foot some day.  Who knows, my husband might be right this time.

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