Saturday, July 9, 2011

Do You Know Your Feet?

Most of these presser feet came with my sewing machine.  I’d say that I stay with the all purpose foot for comfort, and with the zipper foot and buttonhole feet when I must.  But I hardly felt necessary to use the others until I realized what they could do.
I've written about the Narrow Hemmer foot and the Buttonhole foot in my July Aha.  So I won't bore you with these same two feet.  

Blind hem presser foot does wonders--neat, close to the edge stitches.  Life before blind hem foot was having my fabric fed right into the needle plate whenever I attempted to sew close to the edge.  Ok, let's not go back there...
Got a quilting foot for I just could not see where I was stitching when I appliqued.  This presser foot has "an open toe", allowing you to guide your stitches.  The problem was that the presser foot shank screw did not fit my machine.  I needed to improvise.  So I used an unbended paper clip instead.  What can I say, it did the job.
The 1/4" quilting foot aka piecing foot is great for sewing 1/4" or 1/8" seams.  The presser foot has 3 red markings at the needle, 1/8" and 1/4", making your sewing precise when you have a rectangular-4-side job.

Here's a link from Viking that has great illustrations of how a piecing foot works: 
I am not a quilter, but I could imagine how quilters could not live without this baby.

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Here's a link that has video demonstrations of how different feet work:

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