Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bubble Pouch

I promised Joanna that I would make her a felt doughnut key chain awhile back.  But, if you know me, when I feel uninspired, I just could not get to the project.  The guilt and shame of not keeping my words just ate at me.  So, many moons later, I thought, why not make something else for her instead.  And I did.  This is a tiny pouch (Michelle Pattern) that sits in your palm, perfect for a lip balm and a small tube of hand lotion. I feel so relieved after handing it to Joanna.  But, guess what, on that same day, Joanna gave me a bag of fabrics!  Ooh la la!!  Thank you, Joanna!

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Completed! Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag

Remember this project that was not going anywhere because I added unnecessary seam allowance back in May?  Well, I bring great news.  After receiving many encouraging words, I managed to get out of my sulky mode and finished the messenger bag toward the end of the same month.  I added a shoulder pad for comfort and have been carrying the bag places since then.  I am so pleasantly surprised to find how much it could hold!  I have been too busy to post the pictures until now.  Here it is.  

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