Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mini Tutorial: DIY Paper Bag Thread Catcher

Fish tacos.  I did not know how addictive they could be.  We must have gotten them two weekends in a roll that we accumulated a few paper bags in the house.   You know, they make the perfect thread catchers for the sewing table (that is if you are like me, too lazy busy to sew one).

Here's how I did it:
1. Determine how tall you'd like your thread catcher to be and cut.  I cut about 4" off of mine.
2. Insert the 4" top portion that you just cut off into the bag.
3. Line up all four sides and staple.  (make sure the the crown of the staples are on the outside and the teeth are on the inside so you don't get poked.)  Then, with masking tape, tape to the edge of your sewing table.

Looking at the paper bag makes me feel hungry.  I think I might want to go get a fish taco or two...
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