Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mason Jar Happy Flowers

This spring, JJ and I planted wildflower seeds in the front yard.  Not knowing how the flower bed would look like, we watered and weed diligently, even supplemented with plant food periodically.  Since I have "the finger of death" (from the record of numerous dead plants), I did not have high hopes.  Then, one early May  day, we noticed the 1st sign of life.  After that, things just took off on their own.

We had different flowers come and go during the past three months.  Right now, the flower bed is filled with Rudbeckia Hirta (black-eyed Susan).  These vibrant colored flowers make me smile.  If I could hug them like teddy bears, I would.  They are my "happy flowers".  They have been working hard growing toward the sun that there are too many of them crowded in the front yard.  The heavy flower heads bend the stems.  I, then, had my chance to cut a bunch of them and brought them indoors.  My labor with JJ still makes me smile.
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