Friday, September 30, 2011

Tutorial (kinda)--Easy Backdrop for Photo Shooting

I have been reading about backdrops for photo shootings.  But some required tons of work, and others taping sheets to walls.  None would work for me.  I am not buddies with the word “work”.  Besides, I have a dog and a cat who LOVE to get involved.  If  I have to tape sheets to the wall, all I would have is a PET STUDIO.  
My need for photo shooting is mostly for my crafts that do not take up much space.  My lazy crafter’s bulb went on when I look at my backyard.
Natural light, check.  Old swing chair, check.
The  biggest posters boards I could find, check.  
Prop the poster boards on the swing chair.  
No crease!  
Set my subject on the poster board and shoot!
I used flash, but was happy with the result.
Try different time of the day to get best natural light.
Tried a different color.  
Still prefer a warmer tone.

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