Sunday, May 19, 2013

Trash or Treasure--Great Finds @ Goodwell

 You never know what you will find at thrift stores!  Earlier this year, I got this whimsical Sewing Room sign for about $1.  One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

One Saturday last month, while I was waiting for F during her dance class, I dropped by Goodwell in hope to find a tall glass container for the growing avocado plants in my kitchen.  Instead of coming home with what I was looking for, I ended up with these four items.
The first is the doll bed that only needs a coat of paint, a foam mattress, a bed sheet, a pillow and a comforter.
JJ has a dolly named Jimmy (I know, I know, it's a boy's name.  But JJ wouldn't change the name!) that she loves.  She carried her to BxSF classes when she was younger and still sleeps with her today.  Jimmy needs to move out, she needs her own bed.
When I googled for a dolly bed, I was surprised to see how pricey one could be.  This one, priced at $4.59 is a sweet deal.
What is this?  Apparently the person who priced this item did not know.   It was labeled "Home and Garden--Stationer".
This is a Sock Loom/Adjustable Wood Knitting Board!  In excellent condition for only $2.49.  (new in store could be up to $20-$30++)
  Hand Jingle for $0.79.  Fair.
And, finally, a new thread rack that fits 9 bobbins and 60 spools!  It had a Mervyn's (don't know how many years ago) tag for $9 but was priced @ Goodwell for $3.49.
Grand total, $11.46 for all four items! Perfect thrift store trip for a craft nut!! 
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