Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Building Reading Skill--Matching Game

JJ has a box that was passed down from Z and F.  Inside, there are Chinese red envelopes.
   Nope, it is not Chinese New Year.  And those Chinese red envelopes do not have money in them.  Sorry for the disappointment...
Each envelope is marked with a letter (upper case and lower case).
 Open up the letter H envelope and find slips of paper.  
Spread the pictures on the table.  Line up the word slips in a row.
(the vowels are in red, digraphs are underlined) 
Say the name of each picture.  Sound out each word slip.  Then, have the child read the word slip and match the correct picture.
 The control is that there will be the same number of pictures and word slips.
JJ loves word matching game. 
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