Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Tribute

This Mother’s Day post is dedicated to the two most graceful ladies who have taught me so much in life.  I call them, mom.

 My lovely mother-in-law is one of a kind.  Being smart, classy, gracious, gentle, kind, loving and full of wisdom, she’s the best mother-in-law any woman could ask for.  She has taught me everything I need to know in the kitchen.  She’s embraced me with much love, knowing the many weaknesses I have.  She is my role model whom I love and respect.  I am blessed to have the privilege to call her mom.  I'd love to be a kind mother-in-law and a cool grandma, just like her.  
My mom.  Her life was transformed after committing herself to her Savior. Much joy, peace and praise come from the same woman who went through much brokenness after my father's death.  She is a living testimony for the Lord.  She's taught me submission to the Lord and forgiveness that just blew my mind.  Her humility has set the bar for my life.  She's my backbone as she prays for me everyday.  I pray that I'd love the Lord with the same passion and commitment she has and testify God with my life.  I'd love you forever, mom.

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