Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Girl's Ballet Bag

I am thankful that although F loves everything adorable (like mamma), she is not into brand name items or clothing.  She's been practical and sensible so far.  When she started dancing at her current school a few years back, I gave her this striped zippered bag (pictures below) as her ballet bag.  (and, no, I did not make it.)  Recently, I looked into the bag and found that the bag was so abused well-loved, the lining was ripping, and the zipper came apart.  There was no way to save it.  It's time...
TO SEW!!  Faith had a hard time letting the bag go.  But I was very excited to start this project. Hehehe.    Faith requested to have a bag that looks like the Miss W Bag, with the same width of the old ballet bag, a bit deeper, same length for handles, no zipper for closure but instead, a welted zipper pocket.  
So, I measured the old bag and started cutting and sewing.  I added a button and a loop for closure, and a key holder (ribbon and O-ring) at one end.  Within 3 nights, the bag was done.  My next project for her is to make a draw string dance shoe bag with the floral print.  Hope this one get to last longer than the last.

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