Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Starting A Collection?

Just not long ago, I was gifted with a cute mug from auntie Shu-jen.  For some reason, I thought the chick looked awfully familiar.  Then, JJ exclaimed: "Mom, I have the same chick!" and showed me her cute Piyo Piyo chick piggy bank (back of the picture) from uncle T.  They now sit together on our display shelf, keeping each other company.  Love the vibrant colors and the adorable eyes.  The thought of collecting Piyo Piyo crossed my mind for a second.  Then I quickly scratched it off my head.  I, for one, know too well the price one needs to pay for a collection--the time, the attention, the money, the space...etc.  Nah, let's just keep these two and make sure they don't multiply.
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