Thursday, October 31, 2013

Black and Orange Fun

Remember my last year's Halloween post about lugging a big pumpkin home?  Well, it happened again this year!
JJ's class had a fun contest of guessing how many seeds are in the pumpkin.  After some seriously calculation (my hats off to the parent who actually counted every single seed), it came to 869.  JJ's prediction of 1,020 came to be the closest number and won this year's big pumpkin!  I could not believe JJ's luck.  And my poor arms started weeping silently, foreseeing their fate in a few hours, shaking from carrying this pumpkin home.   You should have seen the look of relief on other parents' faces when they found out that JJ was the winner, for it is a BIG pumpkin alright.  One of the parents teased: "I want to take a picture of you carrying that baby home this afternoon!"  
This year, I still had wimpy arms, but I did have a smart and kind friend.  Mrs. O came to the rescue and let me borrow her cart!  She saved my day!!  We came home with the pumpkin all cleaned and carved, ready for tonight.  How good is that!?  Now, I could smile.  Thank you, Mrs. O!!
top center: my hero, Mrs. O & JJ.  mid center: pumpkin from pumpkin patch; bottom left: Mrs. O's mini pumpkins with Cuties and celeries. 

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