Monday, May 12, 2014

The Lesson on Temptation

One of the things I have been training Maxie is resisting temptation.  She used to think if I held out a treat, it's a hind for her to grab it.   Sorry, honey, not anymore.  
Maxie could smell dried duck breast as soon as I unzip the bag and she'd come to the kitchen as fast as her legs would bring her.  Saying no to this treat takes tremendous self-control.  I am so proud of Maxie that she's learned the best way to do so.
When I hold out the treat, Maxie would look away.  It doesn't matter how close I place the treat to her nose, she'd turn her nose away and refuse to even sniff it.  
Ignoring the temptation.  Staying strong.
Of course, her self-control is always rewarded.  Good girl, Maxie!

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