Friday, May 2, 2014

Compost Box Tutorial

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for all kinds of DIY projects.  I have been so inspired that I finally invested time doing research and installing a drip irrigation system for the front porch.  With that, the front porch project grew.  I got more plants to pot and found more tips to keep the plants healthy and happy.  Making compost then became a no-brainer.  According to several pinners, I do not need an expensive compost bin.  Just a few simple materials/tools could get any rookie like me started.  
I found a large 30 gallon storage bin I got from the Halloween sale and emptied the bin by dumping all the content into another container.   The bin is ideal since it has a latch lid to keep my dog and cat all pests away.  I use my handy dandy Fiskars hand drill to create holes on the lid, on the bottom and the side of the bin for aeration .  Hubby was laughing at my slow drilling and offered help with his power tool.  Thanks, honey, but no thanks.  I could not believe how easy it was and how much satisfaction came out of all that drilling!  It was so much fun that each of my 3 kids begged to help.  Yap, they begged because mama did not want to share her hand drill.  I had to very gently remind them that I did not need hundreds of holes drilled.  Please note that when JJ drilled the holes, my hand was holding the drill so she could turn the rotary handle and not hurt herself and her mom.  (I asked her to pause and post for these shots.)  JJ noted that the shaving looked like dried shrimp!  LOL.
After marking/decorating the bin, JJ and I placed crumpled up newspaper at the bottom of bin, sprayed water (the materials should be as damp as a rung out sponge), placed the composting ingredients on top (vegetable/fruit peels and bread crumbs mostly; no meat/fish, bones, grease or dairy), and topped with shredded paper to avoid stench.  Close the latch lid, place the bin outside the kitchen on top of another plastic lid to catch any leaks and voila!
I have been diligently collecting kitchen scraps for my compost box, keeping the layers of the content one green (kitchen scraps), one brown (shredded paper and leaves), and using a shovel to turn the content every 1-2 weeks.  In a few months, I should be able to "harvest" the compost!  My plants WILL thank me.

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