Friday, May 30, 2014

Teacher's Appreciation Gift 2014

This year, JJ's class has all the wonderful elements to make it an awesome one.  The kids are all ready to learn, bright, respectful, and full of smiles.  The parents are all supportive and active, and some have become really good friends of mine.  And the teacher, Mrs. O, is just DA BEST!  She is an inspiration to all around her, always encouraging, loving, positive and so much fun to be with.  
She often jokes about her classroom organization.  But, I believe she's just being modest.  After all, she could always find what she needs in the right places and the kids never go home missing any homework or handouts.  So, my conclusion is that she just has much stuff in the classroom (I mean, which teacher doesn't!?) 
So when it comes to teachers' appreciation week, naturally, I think about making a large, roomy, carry-anything pouch for Mrs. O. 
It goes well with the iPhone pouch, too!
Love the pull tag and the large handle.  She could hang the pouch or carry it by the handle.
So thankful that the seam ripper was having a vacation for this timely project.

I think I should make one for myself next...
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