Monday, May 5, 2014

Feeling Stuck

I started sewing a Michelle pattern messenger bag back in January.  Loved (and still love) the pattern.  But when I was half way into sewing the bag, I realized that I added 3/4" seam allowance to all the cut fabric!  I was horrified!  What could I do?  At first, I was in denial and said to myself that the proportion of the bag would not change if every side added the same seam allowance.  But who am I kidding.  I had to figure out with seam allowance was necessary and which could be left along.  The 3/4" does not help, either.  I did not want to deal with fractions.  I wanted to SEW!  It was a mess.
It's been almost 4 months now and I have not had the courage to finish this bag.  I have found ways to escape by completing 2 other bags and shifting my attention to gardening.  Sigh.  Aiyah, so stuck.
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