Friday, June 7, 2013

I Love You More Than This

For a few weeks, JJ and I played the "I Love You More Than..." game right before her afternoon naps.  Then, one day, JJ asked when she'd get a special Me & Mommy journal (picture below) just like her sister's.

That's when an inspiration stroke.  I gave JJ a small 5x5 scrap book and some 3D stickers and asked her to decorate the cover (with my supervision, of course).  Then, we started taking turns writing and drawing on the pages.  Since JJ has learned many words and how to look up words in a dictionary, she has no problem expressing her thoughts.  We have had much fun doodling and reading what the other person writes on the pages.  JJ would read this book over and over during the day and ask if I like what she's done.
As I write "Dear JJ, I love you more than (this)" each time, I pray that she will grow her love for Jesus day by day.  So when He asks her, "JJ, do you love me more than these? (John 21:15)", she will gladly answer, "Of course, I do!" without hesitation.
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