Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One-Eyed Penguin

Remember the Penguin Pouch from my 2010 post Something Penguin?  Well, I have just received a very sad email from Ms. Che that the Penguin has been suffering from missing an eye.  
Here's the picture of the now one-eyed penguin.  It reminded me of the teddy bear ransom note postcard I had years ago.  Poor penguin.  I am so sorry.  
I am embarrassed to say that it was my fault.  I was eager to finish the pouch in time to give the teacher, I did not take enough time to make sure the eyes were secure enough.  Good news is that I have a chance for redemption.  The penguin is returning to my repair shop to get a new eye in a week. Hopefully it will enjoy its new eye sight soon. 

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