Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Something Penguin"

F asked me to make a Christmas gift for her teacher, Ms. Che.  I gave her a list of things to choose from that I could whip up in 2-3 days.  But her answer was, “Na Hey, mom, she really likes penguins.  Why don’t you make something penguin for her?”  
Fine.  Your mom is weak when it comes to crafty challenges.  I must...CONQUER!  
Last night, I got to work.  Surprisingly, it was a pleasure to create this little fellow.  The basic concept is pretty much like the owl purse except now the zipper attachment is curvier.  Done in one night, not bad at all.  

 Just when I thought my job was done, F came to my sewing table and said: “Mom, ALL YOU NEED now is to sew Ms. Che’s name on the penguin’s butt back.”
Anyone who embroiders would know that you put all your decorative stitches on your fabric piece BEFORE you assemble your project, and not the other way around...Arrr.  But I have to agree that having the penguin tattooed on the butt back is a cute idea. 

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