Saturday, June 25, 2011

June Great Finds!

 Our backyard pond is livelier than ever.  The girls snipped this beauty and displayed it on the dining table.
Last month, I made this "England flag" messenger bag with 2 Target kitchen towels (could you believe they were only 79 cents each?) and have been carrying the bag whenever I go.  Seriously regret not taking a picture when it was fresh from the craft room.  It’s so well loved that it has paid visits to the washer more than I wanted.  This picture was taken after the bag has survived an egg bath (an accident in the car on the way to Z's swimming), several baby shampoo attacks (another story at the Y) and machine oil slashes (have not a clue how it happened).  It's a true veteran in my book.  
These target kitchen towels were half price when I found them--less than 4 dollars for 4.  I plan to make 2 more messenger bags out of these.  So stay tuned!

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