Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Aha!

Aha #1:
I love ribbons and use them for most of the bag/pouches I sew.  But organizing them has been such a pain.  Went to Daiso and sew their wall organizer system.  Never knew what the long hook was good for and thenTada!
To keep the ribbon tidy, I pin the ends at an angle.

Aha #2:
 Anyone out there is like me who cannot seem to remember whether to turn the knob left or right when it comes to adjusting sewing machine settings?  With the increasing number of members in the house comes the increasing among of work. And it also means using more memories in my already lacking brain storageOh, fine, fine, the real problem is me aging to0 quickly, alright?  Talk about embarrassment!

I hate sewing test st. on scraps and I am too lazy to always refer to the user’s manual.  So, the “aha” is to note the settings on sticky labels and stick them on my sewing machine!

This is what I have for length setting:
0- button
9- satin st.
1-4 (short-long) 

I now have 4 setting labels and a kitty sticker gifted by J.

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