Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bias Tape Hand Bags

It all started with creating a year end gift for Ms. Che.  I had gotten the cute penguin print, but had no idea what to make.  When I saw this post from Prudent Baby, I knew that was it.

The hardest part of making those bias bags was sewing on the tiny and skinny bias tapes.  Arrr, the agony!  I don’t know how others manage the 1/4'” tape under the presser foot, but I know it took me several unraveling before I was happy with the stitches.   But the skinny bias tapes sure look good on the mini hand bags.  So I cannot complain anymore... 

Upon finishing all these bags, I had a treat of having my brother over for 10 days.  He is sure THE BEST photographer in the family, if not of all the people I know.  Last year, he showed me some brilliant pictures he took at a Mediterranean restaurant.  I fell in love with the place and asked if he could take me there.  When he finally did, I was shocked at how shabby the place really was and was amazed at how my brother could still capture any beauty there.  If my brother is not a wizard at taking pictures, I don’t know what to call him.       

Being thick skinned, I requested that he take pictures of the bags I just made.  Having never attempted to take shots of “products” indoors, the two of us went nuts setting the scene.  It was a super fun afternoon experimenting with my bro.  Of course, we were both frustrated that those pictures were still missing something aside from the props so we ended up shooting in the backyard and had instant satisfaction! 

For the JJ bag, I did not have white bias tape at hand, so, for the 1st time, I made a continuous bias tape out of a 12”x12” muslin.  This was the 4th bias tape bag I made.  Well, practice makes perfect!  Very happy that I did not have to use my ripper for this one
 JJ bag hanging out with my Hello Kitty Tea Pot.

 JJ bag enjoying the afternoon sun.
JJ and bag in action.

 The 2 purple hand bags were made for F and her sleepover friend (from swim team). 
Love the wooden flower button.
And, thanks, bro., for the lovely shots.  Love ya! 
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