Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back Support Pillow

I've had back problems as early as senior year in college.  My physical therapist at the time told me to put a roll of small towel under the arch of my back whenever I sit or sleep.  I've been diligently following her instruction ever since (not because of discipline, but because of need).
But the problem with a towel roll is...well, you guessed it, it unrolls.
I had to be creative.  My solution in college was to use one of my penguin stuffed animals instead.  I really wish I had a picture to post.  I donated the penguins, but my back ache remained.
I found a small pillow in place of the penguins.  After years of daily use, it got pretty sad.
Then I knew.  It's time to sew!!
This pillow was made from a curtain I bought a few years back.  I measured and cut 2 pieces of 13"x8" from the curtain, added a thin pipping and stuffed it silly.
This pillow will be sitting in the car for a long while.  It also goes well with the trash bag I made in September.
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