Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Gift of Life

Scarlet Runner Beans
Right before school ended last year, for the science unit, Ms. W let each student plant a scarlet runner bean (see how big those beans are?).  Soon, JJ came home with a 5" tall plant in a foam cup.  She was so thrilled to have her very own plant that she watered and watched the plant grow every day.  As the plant grew taller, it started to become floppy.  With my help, JJ transferred it to a terracotta pot with stakes (...well, they were really space filler pieces from an IKEA shelve packaging, disposable chopsticks, garbage bag ties and long rubber bands). 
Sitting on the kitchen windowsill, the bean plant flourished.  It was funny to see the vines tended to cling to the window to kiss the sun.  Then, we spotted the white and yellow bean blossoms, though most just withered after a few days.  Just when we thought nothing else would grow out of this plant, JJ went into the kitchen one afternoon and squealed with delight.  Without fanfare, a slightly curved oblong bean pot had been quietly forming.  By the time JJ picked it, the pod was almost as long as her palm.  Curiously, when JJ opened the pod, she found the bean inside to be creamy white, instead of scarlet, like its mother plant.  We planted the white bean a few weeks ago and found it sprouted this morning (exactly a year after the mother plant was planted)!  Life just keeps on giving.  Isn't it a beautiful thing?

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