Thursday, March 27, 2014

Box Shape Wooden Handle Tote

Sewing this tote was a piece of cake.  I attached the ruffle for added interests.  (I feel lightheaded when staring at this bright orange longer than 10 seconds...).  However, I procrastinated on cutting the dowel to size for the handles for months.  Earlier this week, I finally had enough motivation to look into my husband's tool box and found the hacksaw to do the job.  After a little sanding, and a few stitches, the handles were attached.
When I was in high school, mom got me two totes of this kind, one white, one burgundy, to carry my heavy text books to and from school.  They were perfect because of their wide bag bottoms and wide openings. They stood well on the floor, too.
Making this tote sure brought back memories.

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