Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cooking/Baking Again

We finally had our kitchen back with all the problems fixed.  It's the very 1st time that I missed cooking (imagine that!)  As soon as I could get in the kitchen, I started washing, chopping, making soup,  and turning on the oven.  
The picture above shows JJ's 2nd baking project.  Her 1st, Zucchini Bread, was gone so quickly that I did not have a chance to document it.  Since her teacher had been under the weather for quite some time, JJ decided to bake a "get well snack" for her.  I was a bit uncertain about giving the teacher "veggie bread".  After all, the name repelled Z so much that he would not get close to it.  Good to find out the following morning that neither the name nor the bread offended the teacher since she used to bake it when she was younger.  
It's such a blessing to eat home made comfort food again.  So thankful.
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