Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wonders In God's Creation

 JJ and daddy went to the park this morning and came back with this pod.  It was as big as JJ's palm (1/3 of mine)!
We were all wondering what was inside.  JJ tried to break it apart with hands, but the shell was so hard that it would not budge.  She then tried to smash it against the computer table.  While the pod remained undamaged, the table did receive a few scratches.  Ummm, not a good idea.  Finally, I brought out the butter knife to crack it open.
The room was filled with oohs and ahhs as the seeds inside were revealed.  Who would have thought that inside the tough exterior shell were those fragile paper thin seeds?  They were light weight and as if they were "born with wings".   I could just image God's hand sending those seeds into the sky.  The girls blew on them gently and sure enough, they saw the seeds flying into the air.  As we have been studying the creation in Genesis, I could not help but marvel at the creativity of God and be in awe of our Creator.  This was no doubt, His handy work.
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