Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleepy Lala

Lala is one funny cat.  He loves to cuddle and follows the person who feeds him (yap, that's usually me).  He enjoys interrupting me getting my attention by sitting in between me and the sewing machine or the computer monitor.  He loves to look out the window and sit under the warm afternoon sun.  But mostly, Lala loves a good nap.  After he's been fed, he would disappear for a good hour or so.  I need to really look for him to know where he naps.  The other day, I noticed that the dotted fabric curtain on top of my fabric bin was draped on the floor.  Odd, I thought.  I lifted the curtain and found this boy underneath.  Look at his sleepy glaring eyes!  Hahaha.  Lala, you are my kind of cat.  Glad to find that you love fabrics as much as I do.
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