Wednesday, October 31, 2012

JJ's Party Prize

JJ's class had a holiday party this morning.  When I picked her up at dismissal, Ms. W notified me that JJ had won a prize playing the pin the nose on the witch game.  As Ms. W turned to me to hand me the prize, my eyes almost bulged out--it was a huge pumpkin which weighted 20 lbs. Many of JJ's classmates asked how I was going to get the pumpkin home once they knew I did not drive a car to school.  I could only shake my head and hope that I had enough strength to get this baby back home.  Our usual 5-minute walk home turned into 15, as I had to make frequent stops to rest my arms.  By the time we got home, my arms were shaking badly.  I could not even steady my hands for the photo shooting.  All this time, JJ was jumping up and down for the prize she mysteriously won (she kept saying, "I didn't even know how I won the game.")  If you come by our house for trick-or-treat tonight, you will see this guy sitting by the front door.  Have a safe evening!
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