Friday, July 6, 2012

Helpers on My Sewing Table

Helper #1:   
On my trip to the fabric store, I found a $10 self-adhesive measuring tape.  Good idea, but VERY pricey.  I happened to have a measuring tape (which used to be part of an auto rewind tape measure until my little one pulled it too hard and separated it from the rest...)  I use double sided tape to adhere the measuring tape to the edge of my sewing table.  From then on, I do not have to find my yard stick during sewing.  Technically, it's free. 

Helper #2:
I had on my project list to make a beautiful quilted thread catcher.  But, sadly, other projects always climbed to the top of the list.  At the end of the day, my thread catcher was nowhere to be found.  I needed one badly!  So, the compromise became a brown paper bag taped to the edge of the table.  Surprisingly, it has served me well!  Not only do I have a wide mouth thread catcher, it's deep enough to last and it's disposible!!  woohoo!

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