Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casting On Again

Some friends have asked me how I find time to do sew, craft and knit.  This is how:

1. Resist the urge to finish a project in one chunk of time (I don't have that luxury anyway). 
2. Utilize any 10-minute break from house chores, teaching, driving, eating...etc. and sneak in some project time.
3. If I need to wait for the kids to finish their sports activities, I take along a project with me.  Yes, even if it means to wait in the car for just 5 minutes.
4. Have a project in a bag ready to take along on a car ride.  I sketch ideas, hand stitch small projects or sew in the car.
I have started knitting this poncho for a few weeks now just because I need to wait for JJ twice a week outside her swimming class.  For each lesson, I probably get to knit 2-4 rows (200 st. each).  But see how far I have gone?  I'd say by this rate, I could get this poncho at least 3/4 way done at the end of this summer.

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