Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Sculptures

The snow this year has been...umm, frustrating.  We waited and waited to bring the kids to have some snowy fun.  Finally, the day after Presidents' day, we made the trip.
Let me just say that we are not a skiing/skate boarding family.  Tried and never got interested enough.  I guess less things to pack and wash for me. ;)
We have an artist in the family.  When he's not on the computer, he's pretty creative (though he claims that he has put his creativity to good use especially online.  Humm, I'd beg to differ.)
During this trip, he did not disappoint.  His creations reflected who he is with a sense of humor.  
My favorite is this "Help the snowman". 
Snow frog 
X marks the spot. 
Nope, not a sculpture.  Just me and beautiful Maxie watching Z hard at work.
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